Post Weight Loss Contouring

After all the hard work you’ve done to lose weight, treat yourself to body contouring to get rid of loose skin so you can really show off the results of your efforts! Anyone who has had massive weight loss, whether through bariatric surgery or through diet and exercise, has sagging skin in multiple areas: the face and neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, back and thighs. If you’ve had gastric bypass surgery, the elastic tissues of your skin are usually permanently damaged from being stretched to an extreme degree. With body contouring, we can improve the shape of the skin but we cannot improve the quality of the skin. Patients seeking body contouring after massive weight loss must be realistic in their expectations. The tissues will give over time, but not to the same degree as before.

A variety of surgical procedures are often necessary and are often performed at different times, in stages. Depending on which area bothers you the most, the surgery is tailored to fit your needs, starting with the area of greatest concern.

Often an abdominoplasty is done first, either alone or more commonly as part of a lower body lift or circumferential body lift.  A lower body lift addresses the tummy, outer thighs, lower back and buttocks.

Breast lift with or without implantsarm liftthigh liftface lifts and neck lift are all additional procedures that can be done as well.  An upper body lift may be needed to take care of excess skin on the upper back.

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