Hand Rejuvenation

Just as we lose volume in our faces as we age, we also lose volume in our  hands.  That’s what makes our hands look gaunt and makes those tendons and veins look more noticeable.

Now sun damage also plays a role in aging hands, too.  Sun damage gives us those brown spots.  It also damages our skin texture, making our hands look more leathery or more wrinkly.

We treat sun damaged hands with Fotofacial, Lumiquin (fading cream), peels, or some combination of these treatments.

But the hollowing of the hands responds very well to Radiesse® Volumizing Filler.

Fillers are used to literally fill the hollows and deep lines hands. Fillers simply restore lost volume.  But some fillers, like Radiesse® Volumizing Filler, also stimulate collagen production, allowing your body to work against the aging process more effectively.

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The procedures that Dr. Kavali has performed have been confidence builders for me. It’s affected both my personal and business life.

- Lisa B.


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