Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Botox® is an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis.  A quick office procedure may be all you need to get back into your white t-shirts or silk shirts with confidence.

You will begin the consultation process by meeting with our Physician Assistant, Marissa Benist, or Dr. Kavali.  She will help to establish your goals for your procedures and take your before photos to accurately track your transformation. 

The consultation time is meant to be comfortable and educational. We want you to feel completely informed, so you can make your own personal best decision.

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Things You Need to Know

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  • How does Botox® work for hyperhidrosis?

    How does Botox® work for hyperhidrosis?

    When you sweat, it's because your nerves are telling your sweat glands to make sweat.  Botox® blocks that message, so the nerves can't activate the sweat glands. 

  • What can I expect during my hyperhidrosis treatment?

    What can I expect during my hyperhidrosis treatment?

    Once Dr. Kavali has decided that Botox® is an appropriate treatment for your hyperhidrosis, she will map out the areas of your armpits that create the most sweat.  This is done by painting your armpit with betadine, then dusting it with corn starch.  The dark staining shows her exactly where your most dramatic sweating happens.  The area is then cleaned with alcohol and the proper Botox® dosage determined.  Generally, it takes about 40-50 units of Botox® per side for full treatment.  The Botox® is injected with a tiny needle just under the skin throughout the entire treatment area.  This feels like tiny pin-pricks, but is very tolerable.  There is no recovery and no downtime.

  • How long does the hyperhidrosis treatment last?

    How long does the hyperhidrosis treatment last?

    You can expect to begin seeing results from your Botox® hyperhidrosis treatment within 1-2 weeks.  Results should last 4-6 months, often longer.  


Dr. Kavali and her entire staff are professional, caring, and superb medical caregivers. All of my concerns were addressed promptly and I was treated as if I were the only patient of the day. My surgical outcome not only met my pre-operative expectations but exceeded in making me feel more confident about my appearance. Dr. Kavali is the ONLY plastic surgeon I would recommend. I would not consider nor would I trust any other physician to resculp my body. Kudos to her amazing staff for making sure I was comfortable and informed. Wonderful experience.

- newlook123


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