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How we age:

First, let’s talk about how we age.  Then we’ll talk about how Ulthera® can help reverse that aging process.

The youthful face is full, has high cheekbones, a tight jawline, full cheeks, a high-set eyebrow.  These things are preserved by our collagen and elastin, natural proteins in our skin.

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin, and we can’t create enough new collagen and elastin to keep up with amount we’re losing.  Our bodies break down the collagen and elastin faster than we can make it.  That leads to the aging face, with lower cheekbones, a loose jawline, shallow cheeks, a low-set eyebrow.  It makes our necks loose and our jawlines sag. It also gives us that loose skin on our chests.

Ulthera® is non-surgical, deep, focused ultrasound that targets the foundational structures of our face and neck to lift and tighten these areas.  It’s an office procedure with no downtime.

Virtually "Try On" Ultherapy

Things You Need to Know

Have Questions?

  • What is Ulthera?

    What is Ulthera?

    Ulthera is non-surgical, deep, focused ultrasound that targets the foundational structures of our face and neck to lift and tighten these areas. It’s an office procedure with no downtime.
  • How does Ulthera work?

    How does Ulthera work?

    Ulthera works by using ultrasound to heat the deep layers of our skin, and even the layers deeper than our skin. That’s how it lifts and tightens. Ulthera reaches deeper than lasers or radiofrequency treatments. In fact, we know that Ulthera can affect the same deep layers that are tightened in a surgical facelift. But Ulthera does this without surgery. Ulthera is also the only technology that uses ultrasound to visualize the layers being treated while the treatment is being done. Ulthera imaging lets me see the deep layers of tissue and make sure that’s exactly what I’m targeting.
  • What areas can I treat with Ulthera?

    What areas can I treat with Ulthera?

    The most common areas to be treated with Ulthera include the brow, upper face, full face, lower face, neck, and decolletage (chest). But you can treat any small, loose area–the arms, the knees, around the belly button.
  • What can I expect during my Ulthera treatment?

    What can I expect during my Ulthera treatment?

    You can expect to have a full consult prior to your Ulthera treatment in our office. Once we decide together that Ulthera will meet your goals and is appropriate for you, we’ll review the treatment process in our office. You’ll likely be given some medicine for pain and for mild sedation/anxiety (valium). You’ll need someone to drive you home, if you choose to take these medications, which we do recommend for your comfort. Your treatment areas will be marked with a skin pencil, cooling ultrasound gel will be applied, and each area will be treated with Ulthera. You’ll feel the areas getting warmer as the treatment progresses. Depending on how many areas you are treating, the Ulthera procedure will take from 30-90 minutes.
  • What can I expect after my Ulthera treatment?

    What can I expect after my Ulthera treatment?

    Initially, you may have some slight swelling and perhaps a little bruising. This goes away in the first week or so. Then you’ll have gradual lifting and toning of the skin, with a smoother texture. You may have some slight tenderness to touch even a month after the treatment. Your final results are 3-6 months after the treatment, when you’ll likely notice more lifting and tightening of the treated areas.
  • Are Ulthera results immediate?

    Are Ulthera results immediate?

    It takes some time to build collagen, so your results are gradual, with final results–tighter, firmer, lifted– about 3-6 months after treatment.
  • Are Ulthera results permanent?

    Are Ulthera results permanent?

    Your body works like a machine to build collagen and break down collagen. Ulthera will help your body make more collagen, but over time, you will still be breaking down that new collagen. You can expect your initial results to last about 2 years, with everyone’s response being individual, of course.


Dr. Kavali and her entire staff are professional, caring, and superb medical caregivers. All of my concerns were addressed promptly and I was treated as if I were the only patient of the day. My surgical outcome not only met my pre-operative expectations but exceeded in making me feel more confident about my appearance. Dr. Kavali is the ONLY plastic surgeon I would recommend. I would not consider nor would I trust any other physician to resculp my body. Kudos to her amazing staff for making sure I was comfortable and informed. Wonderful experience.

- newlook123


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